Change-Over to Full Digital Via DVB-C – March 2013

(Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable)

The broadcasting of Analogue T.V. signals ceased in both the U.K. and Spain in 2008/9 to be replaced by Digital Broadcasting thus giving a far more efficient service and a whole new scope of viewing options.

To receive the new Digital service in most areas of the U.K. it was necessary to buy either a flat screen T.V. with integrated Digital tuning, or a Digital decoder.

Unlike the Spanish Digital Package which is terrestrial, the U.K. package is received via satellite. The system used to de-code the Spanish package is DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) which is designed to de-code Terrestrial signals and is essentially for domestic use.

DVB-C is the European Standard System for delivering Digital satellite signals via a cable T.V. system. It is specifically designed to minimize the losses incurred in delivering large amounts of data over long distances and through numerous amplifiers and splitters. It is therefore the only viable option we have to enable us to supply a full and comprehensive Digital package together with all the extra options now available.

So, why did we not make the change-over earlier?

Until recently it has been difficult to find Televisions in Spain with an integrated DVBC tuner without having to pay a silly price. There are around 2500 properties in La Manga Club with an average of 3/4 televisions per property. In the economic climate at the timeit would not have been prudent to commit our customers to have to spend 8-900 euros to replace their existing sets. We therefore opted in the short term to convert the Digital signals back to Analogue to enable people to continue with their existing sets until the situation improved.

The good news!! Televisions with integrated DVB-C are now available locally at very competitive prices as are DVB-C de-coders. We have had discussions with 2 local retailers, Expert in Cabo de Palos and Milar in Los Belones. Both are stocking DVB-C sets and decoders clearly labelled ‘DVB-C (La Manga Club)”. As an example, Milar are currently offering a 32in. LG at €299 and a 40in. Samsung at €399. Also, they will supply any television you want and will refund the difference if you see it cheaper anywhere else.

If you do not want a new TV set, your other option of course is to buy a DVB-C decoder but you will need one for each of your old sets.

I hope that this information sheet has been helpful to you and if you need any assistance please call in at the Club T.V. office and we will be happy to help you in any way we can

Issued by Club TV