The largest of all the communities at La Manga Club, is the pueblo (village) of Bellaluz which lies amidst beautifully kept grounds and gardens. The focal point of the pueblo is the Plaza Mayor with its collection of bars, restaurants, a supermarket, shops and boutiques. Bellaluz is unique in having these facilities; indeed residents from other pueblos often visit what is essentially the heart of La Manga Club.

Eating and Drinking

1 Angelo’s Pizza

2 El Bistro Restaurant

3 The Scotsman

4 The Scotsman

6 Abela Teresa Restaurant

7 Bellaluz Pool Bar


11 Supermarket

12 Coming Soon

13 Tobacconist

14 Vivir Boutique

15 Indulge

19 Honey’s Boutique

Real Estate and Property Management

21 La Manga Getaways

22 Phoenix Management

24 Quality Homes

31 Coming soon


C = Cycle parking

P = Public phone box


32 Independant Consultants